JM at Automechanika Frankfurt 2010

The trade fair was held in Frankfurt from September 14 to 19, 2010. Automechanika Frankfurt is the world's leading trade fair for the automotive industry.

Leading Companies

Out of the four local companies, two are headquartered in Cordoba and the other two in San Francisco. Industria JM, established in 1979 in a city located in the East of the province, manufactures oil and hydraulic pumps, and tractor parts. JM's products are sold to companies such as Fiat Iveco, VW, Ford and Deutz, among others.

Over the last thirty years, JM's presence has increased in the domestic market. In 1992, JM's products were introduced into international markets: Europe, the United States, Mexico and South America. To that purpose, JM expanded its manufacturing plant, adopted state-of-the-art technology and implemented strict quality control in all its manufacturing phases to reach global markets.

Today, JM's pieces and parts are sold in England, Spain, Belgium, France, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Chile and Guatemala.

Added-Value Award

In November 2004, Industria JM received the Value-Added Award for its export quality. This award, given on the " Export Day " , is promoted by the Chamber of Foreign Trade and the Government of the Province of Cordoba. Industria JM received the award due to the quality achieved by its products, currently sold in many Latin American countries and the Spanish, French, Belgian and English markets, among others.
It is worth mentioning that the awards given by the Government of Cordoba cover the following categories: "Largest Exported Volume" , "Highest Added-Value" , according to the industrialization of products, and " New Markets " . The award was given to Industria JM in recognition of its personnel's capacity and the avant-garde technology applied by the company. In addition, said award provided an incentive for the company to continue working on the quality of its products for the domestic and international markets.
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