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Ze heard would have been received in the pocket Fuzhi out there and handed Shigong said: I do not know what this is, it was originally a hair of my colleagues, because now I do not know what will become of the pair look like.,dowload link key for project 2013   Shigong took Ze fed to the paper bag, paper hand symbol will group together spread, which was originally Ze crumpled hair, spread out in the paper breaks the moment will curl together in straight from the paper breaks in playing a few times, then do not move. Stone shook public Hand, shake off the Okanagan hair on the floor, in the landing of a sudden, to see the original still play dead hair flew played live, outstretched hair tip to land drilled to go, obviously trying to escape.,dowload link key for project 2013   Shigong hand out, such as electricity, what caught the tail end of a human hair, had still to land inside drill hair will not move immediately, then change back to the original play dead like that look. Shigong owned in a pull, it will have a less than half the drill into the earth'ss hair and gave pumped out into the nose end .

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